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What are consequences for violating the medical hippa law?

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If your personal medical information is disclosed to the public and as a result you are made embarrassed in front of others what are consequences for those disclosing that information and is there anything you can do to collect damages for those who embarassed you?

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There is no private cause of action under HIPAA. (There is no "HIPPA" law.) You may have the basis of a suit under invasion of privacy, a tort (private wrong). See an attorney about that, and how you would go about showing damages.

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Mr. Poulson is correct - no right to sue for HIPPA or HIPAA violations.

But you can probably get the Office for Civil Rights to investigate - that's a consequence most violators would like to avoid and it may show you aren't the only one that has been affected by similar practices.

To explore damages, find a Texas lawyer. To complain and possible get an OCR investigation started, look at the link below.

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