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What are a parent's rights when the other parent violates a parenting plan?

Spokane, WA |

My boyfriend has custody of his 2 year old son because mom is a drug addict. Mom is allowed visitation but it states in the parenting plan that she is to provide UA's to my boyfriend. She has never provided a UA and we are scared that she might be using when he is with her. What can we do?

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First, carefully examine the exact language in the parenting plan. If it clearly requires the Mother to provide a UA, then ask her to provide it. It would be wisest not to have this conversation in front of the child and it would be smart to ask for it in writing in a way that proves the Mother received the request. If the Mother refuses to provide the UA, and the language of the parenting plan clearly requires her to provde one, then you can move the Court to find her in contempt for failing to follow the parenting plan order.

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