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What are my visitation rights and options?

Dallas, TX |

I currently have "supervised visitation" with my children due to lies my soon-to-be ex-wife told in court. These supervised visits are per our Temporary Orders. However, at our last visitation my ex got upset that I am not willing to reconcile. She threw a tantrum and told the kids I would never see or talk to them again.

What are my rights and options.

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Your rights are spelled out in your temporary orders.

Your options are to move for new temporary orders or get ready for trial for your final orders.

Do you currently have a lawyer? If not, it sounds like it is not going well so far.Perhaps you should reconsider.


Right now the same rights you have in the temporary order. If she refuses to follow the order then you can seek enforcement of the order.


You have several at this point in time. Here's what your options are:

1) Enforce the visitation as ordered. Show up to the place specified in the order at the time specified in the order. If she doesn't show, make a police report. Once this has happened several times, file a motion to enforce.

2) Do a motion for more temporary orders once the circumstances have changed. You're on supervised visits; normally people on supervised generally get told how they're going to get off supervised.

Your rights are spelled out in the temp orders.

I'd recommend an attorney.



This judge didn't spell it out. He actually only gave me a "memorandum" stating that I have supervised visits, must get psychological evaluation and how much child support is and when it starts.

Mark Anthony Cohan

Mark Anthony Cohan


That's a memorandum. Who's been ordered to reduce it to writing?

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