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What amount of compensation should be if got injured from rental grinder which was faulty ?

We rent floor grinder from Home Depot rental service . When were trying to start works, grinder was shaking and jumping, we called rental service and told them about issue, their answer was that we should not work on a bumpy floor, but we told that floor isn't bumpy it is just something wrong with grinder, but they told that grinder is fine . After that call my husband made another attempt and started grinder, in few seconds grinder jumped, hit my husband, he felt on the floor and his toe nail was injured . We return grinder to rental center and they immediately took it and marked it as broken . After many sleepless nights, difficulties of walking, a lot of pain drugs and doctor visits, his toe nail isn't growing correctly, only way to fix it, is surgery . He talked to a lawyer and only compensation which Home Depot wanna give is few thousands, they still negotiate . Is that a correct amount if compensation ? Or is his lawyer is just not good enough ?

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