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What am I to do if my attorney isn't returning anyone of my phone calls ?

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I am very upset! I hired a attorney last summer after I learned the one I had was disbarred. He has been not returning my calls all year and I had a hearing a few weeks ago that he supposedly attended but he has yet to tell me the out come and I have left message to which he hasn't responded to. What can I do since no attorney will talk to me while I am still being represented by another attorney? I don't even know what this man has done in almost a year and my case has been going on for like 6 yrs! This is stressing me out so much! Don't know what to do

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I would suggest you send him a certified letter requesting an in-person appointment to go over your case status and concerns. If you get no response, consider filing a complaint with the board of bar overseers (or the equivalent body in MO.) There is no excuse for not returning calls.

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You may want to set up a visit in person. There is no excuse for not returning calls, but you should address it in person. 281-904-3797. This response should not be construed as legal advice. It is only intended as information and I recommend for legal advice you seek the consult of experienced immigration legal counsel. The posting of my response in no way infers client - attorney relationship has been established.


You can send him a letter asking for an accounting of what he has done and the amount he has charged against your retainer (assuming you paid a retainer up front). Or you can do what the previous attorney suggested and send a certified letter requesting that he withdraw immediately. If he fails to respond or withdraw, you can file a complaint against him with the Missouri Bar Association.

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You have every right to be upset and not having your calls returned for several weeks is frustrating and unprofessional. From this point forward, put everything in writing with your attorney. You can also fire your attorney but before doing so, make sure to consult with other attorneys and selected one who is able and willing to immediately substitute in and handle your case (and try to use an attorney with good references). If you fire your current attorney, you should get advice regarding what has been done on the case thus far to know the ramifications of what will happen if your previous lawyers file an attorney lien on any future settlement you may obtain. Often times, your case information is posted on the website of the court in which your case is filed. Best of luck and it is unfortunate you have had to deal with these issues.

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Call his office and set-up an appointment for an in person meeting, and don't take" no" for an answer. If he is representing you, there is and has to be a mutual element of trust and cooperation that goes both ways. If you can't or he won't see you, you have the option of discharging your attorney at anytime.

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