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What am I facing if I purchased new luxury cars in my name and sold them to Asian exporters who would export them to China?

New London, CT |

I'm in a rough patch right now, I was laid off from my job, I was broke, and the bills were piling up, I was in need of some form of help. So a man that a fellow coworker knew approached me one day and offered me a small job "transporting luxury cars" and would pay me $400 cash per car transported to help me back on my feet. It sounded too good to be true, so I would constantly ask him questions and each answer checked out as if he had an answer ready for each question I threw at him. So how it worked was I would be taken to dealerships to purchase and register new BMW's, Mercedes, Porsche's, etc. in my name, with bank issued checks from him and would drive them to NY where there was an office. At the office, he would come out and pay me my cash and then I would be dropped off at home.

*All cars were purchased, registered, and insured legally. None were stolen. * Another issue I'm facing now is that the property taxes for those cars I "purchased" are coming in the mail (I did 3 cars in that time period), and now I have to pay them for each one. I no longer have these cars in my possession. I do not want to pay these taxes on these cars if I do not even own them. I no longer am in contact with the man who hired me , but I do have his home address (that he was unaware of me obtaining) .. Is there a way out of this situation? Looking back at this situation I figured out the big picture as to what role my "small job" played in the exportation of these cars. My only concern is that I smell a felony charge here and I feel scammed, I now have a good paying job and don't want to lose everything over a mistake I made.

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If you fear a criminal prosecution, take a pro-active approach and hire a criminal defense lawyer. If we are talking about a possible felony charge, you want to protect yourself, now, not alter.



but my question is .. am I facing a felony charge?