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What am I facing? time?

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currently in jail for a VOP original charges are two different from different counties. my new charges are(1) speaking a criminal (2) intake of marijuana (3) possession of marijuana mire than 20 grams. by the way Iam already a convicted felon. what am I facing?

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Depends on what you are on probation for and who your vop judge is. Have a family member call my office to discuss.

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original are robbery and child abuse. I was currently on a 5 year concurrent Probation for both



my vop judge is Renee Roche


The short answer to your question is: Jail time is a decent possibility when you violate your probation with new law offenses. That being said, there is quite a bit of information missing here such as what your prior record is, what you are on probation for, whether you have been convicted of the new law offenses, etc. There are so many factors that play into the ultimate sentence you receive. You need an attorney to evaluate your individual situation and give you an answer after knowing all the facts.


There's no such offense as Speaking a criminal or intake of marijuana. Possession of More Than 20 Grams is a 3rd degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison & a $5,000.00 fine. What he's facing on the VOP's will based on what he's on probation for, whether these new charges can be sustained, whether there are any prior violations, what judge he's in front of & his prior record. I encourage you to seek counsel to best protect you from these charges.

Amir A. Ladan

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I agree with Mr. Ladin. It all depends on what your are on probation for and how many days credit you have in the underlying probation case as to how much time you may be susceptible to. That being said the marijuana possession appears to be a third degree felony punishable by 5 years in prison, but that is after the VOP is resolved. Make sure you consult a lawyer before you plea out to any of these charges so you don't violate your probation just by taking a plea.

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