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What am i facing - aggravated assault against a police officer while under the influence

Newtown Square, PA |

I am being charged with spitting on a police officer while under the influence, he also was extremely forceful and was choking me. Should i mention this extreme force in court and what do you think my punishment will be

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Assailing a police officer is a felony and may call for a stiff penalty. Therefore, you should retain an experienced criminal attorney early and have them express all options to limit what happens to you.


Sounds like you haven't engaged the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney. Worse yet, it sounds like you're hoping to get a quick legal education so you can represent yourself. What you are really doing is making a tremendous mistake, the negative consequences from which you with suffer for a very long time. You can save some bucks now by not hiring an attorney-no question about that. You will see many many times that amount in lost wages, (when you can find someone willing to hire you), and lost opportunities for education, which in turn will substantially reduce your earning capacity for a lifetime. Pay now, or pay, pay, pay later. You have to figure it out; no one can make you be smart.


I couldn't agree with attorney Jones more. You really need to hire a good attorney based on the circumstances that you find yourself in now you need someone who will fight to protect you because you know that the prosecution is going to fight to protect the police.

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