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What all am I entitled to sue for if I am illegally locked out of my house?

La Crosse, WI |

My boyfriend changed the locks on our place of residents and locked me out with two kids and a dog. All of the money I had went to rent for this month. I currently am living in my friends basement until I can get enough money to find a place. I have to arrange for childcare so I can go to work and cant afford to put my 5 month old daughter in day care right now this short notice. By taking my landlord and or boyfriend to court what am I entitled to sue for? Can I get any money back?

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Legally this is a complicated situation. Since it was your boyfriend locked you out a suit against the landlord has no merit. You could take your boyfriend to small claims court for breach of contract, since he denied you access to the residence which I assume you areed to share. Save all reciepts for monies you spend on trying to find a new place. It would be wise to consult with a local attorney for some guidance on the local laws and procedures. Good luck.

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As I recall from an earlier post you indicated that the LL approved and gave permission for the lockout. If true LL may have liability too.

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