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What actions can I take to file law suit for defamation, slander and filing a false police report.

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Consult an attorney who handles defamation cases; malicious prosecution; intentional infliction of emotional distress - type cases.


You should contact your local Bar Association for a list of attorneys in your area who practice in those areas of law.

This answer is meant for information purposes only. No attorney-client relationship has been established between the Avvo user and Cesar Garcia.


You need consult an attorney with all the facts who can advise you as to which direction, if any, you should pursue.

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Can you afford to pay for a lawsuit? Defamation cases are hard to win, so attorneys are less likely to take the case on a contingency. If the defendants push back, hire a lawyer, and force you to litigate the case up through summary judgment, that will cost you a minimum of $30,000 and perhaps as much as $150,000 in attorneys fees and costs. Taking it all the way to trial could double those costs. You might be able to recover your fees and costs in a settlement or a judgment before trial, but there's no guarantee. If you have that kind of money and are willing to risk it, you may feel free to call me to discuss the possibility of representation (a possibility only: I will have to check conflicts and have the case approved by my firm). I am licensed to practice in California and am experienced in defamation cases. Good luck!

Please note: this answer is intended to inform and educate. It should not be taken as legal advice or a legal recommendation, as that would require a thorough review of all facts and circumstances. You may discuss the possibility of hiring me as a lawyer, but until we have an agreement in writing, there is no attorney-client relationship between us. Thank you, and good luck!


More facts are needed, but you can use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool to search for a defamation lawyer to discuss.

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