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What action can be brought against a teacher for humiliating a 10 year old child in front of a whole class room?

Stuart, FL |

I just dont know what can or should be done about a teacher standing my son in front of a class an embarrassing him causing him to cry uncontrollably then when he is back at his seat teacher walked over an placed her hands around his throat an said she outta wring his neck for not thinking in her class. We are talking art class here. My son splatered paint on another student that was painting all over my sons hand. Teacher never questioned what happened just started screaming at my son. In a phone conversation she admited to me she handled the whole thing wrong an was sorry she reacted that way, Sorry just isnt enough my child was scared to tears.

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You should report this incident to your school's Principal, and/or School District administrators, and see what they do about the incident. If the result is satisfactory to you and yor son (presuming no lasting injury to your son), then you will have to decide whether to drop the matter. If your son shows continuing trauma, then you should seek a local education attorney to discuss your options.


Talk to the Principal first then determine if you are satisfied. The legal system works but should be a last resort not the first action.