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What a person can do to their abuser? with legal laws against the abuser?

Aberdeen, WA |

what can a person do when ex hit you and your child with his cluthes he hit the child in the stomach cause her serve pain and put her in the hospital for medical treatment then he play with himself in front of the child an walk in front of the child naked and in his underwear.the cop telling you i ok to hit the child that is not abuses the man live in a small town and he tells lies

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Most Courts have a domestic violence advocate who can interview you. If you experienced dv, they will help you fill out and file a dv petition. If your case is found to be valid, you can get a protection order to keep the abuser away. You might also check with your local police, since some cases indicate that a crime (like assault, for example) has taken place. If the police investigate and find that a dv crime has been committed, they will refer the case to the County Prosecutor for review. If the abuser is found to be guilty (by a guilty plea or a jury finding of guilty) he will go to jail. You can also check around for local dv groups or counselors; they can refer you to the proper authorities.