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What, if anything, can I file or do before filing for divorce in Texas (separation like action) to protect myself and assets?

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I have been separated for about 6 months. My spouse and I have had absolutely no contact since Oct. however they have already stolen my only vehicle in the middle of the night, fraudulently forwarded all of my mail for over a month, and then just this week they called in a refill on an old Rx I had at the pharmacy and proceeded to pick it up along with my very medically necessary narcotic Rx (two RXs). Also, I received a red light ticket in the mail from the vehicle they stole. The pharmacist told me to "take it up w my spouse" bc they picked it up for me, however, they filed harassment charges on me about 3 months ago and I refuse to call or contact them and go to jail. I've called the police with each incident and they say it's difficult to do anything bc there is nothing that says

that we are officially separated or divorced. However, they have called the police and told them multiple times that we are separated and going through a "bitter divorce". I know that there is no such thing as legal separation in Texas, but I have to be able to do something to protect myself before I file for a divorce. I know the easiest solution to the problem is to hire an attorney and divorce this psycho...however I just recently began working again and so I'm saving the money to be able to afford an attorney right now. While I am saving money to be able to afford a divorce lawyer and the divorce, etc... How can I keep them from robbing me blind every chance they get? At this rate, I'll never be able to afford a lawyer. "they" is referring to my spouse

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File for divorce and ask for temporary orders. You need to get in front of a judge and get her ordered to stop this behavior. You need a restraining order or a protective order.

Quit waiting! Do it now!


Your best option is to consult a local attorney and make your divorce filing quicklly.

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I would change the pharmacy in which you have your prescription filled, make a police report stating that your vehicle is being used without your authorization, and call a local attorney to request an initial consultation. Many attorneys offer free initial consultations and some even accept payment plans with a significant payment up front to cover the initial filing fees and costs of preparation of the documents.

You may be able to start the divorce process, potentially get a temporary restraining order in place to help protect your reputation and your assets and make regular payments to the attorney helping you with your case. You cannot continue to do what you have been doing. You need to be proactive and start documenting every incident.

I wish you the best of luck!