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What (if any) legal action can we take against an auto repair shop that's lied to us about work done? (See details)

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Our transmission went out on our way to Longmont, CO from Texas. We took it to a shop in Pueblo, Co on a Wednesday and told the we'd need the car on Monday. I call to get a status every morning for the next several days, and I was told that parts will arrive Mon. or Tues. (and that I'd have to get the car on Wednesday). My wife and I have to use extra vacation days. Then we get the call on Tuesday, that in fact no parts were ordered, because they didn't have permission to take out the transmission. So they've lied for four days, and have done nothing to the car. I give permission and now it's going to be Thurs. or Fri. before it's ready. We're accruing rental fees,hotel fees and have to take extra time off. They will have had the car to 9.5 days. What are our legal options?

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You can always sue in small claims unless you signed an agreement that required some other dispute resolution.

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It will be interesting to see the contract that you initially signed with the shop. There are some really strict requirements on auto repair shops under the Colorado Motor Vehicle Repair Act that can be used for suing them either in small claims court or in county court with an attorney if your damages exceed $7,500. You might want to contact a couple of attorneys in Pueblo that you might find here on Avvo.

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