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What do i do if i want to claim a child that i pay child support for on taxes?we arent married.i make alot more money than mom

Richmond, IN |

what motions do i need to file?will be fileing on my own. dont have money for attorney.what do i say or ask for on the motion.

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Check with your CPA/tax preparer, but unless the court makes an order re-allocating the dependency exemption (which will also increase the amount of support you pay, slightly), you can't. The parent who has custody of the child 50.1% of the time or more gets the dependency exemption; doesn't matter who's paying who, or how much.


The custodial parent gets the exemption unless a waiver has been signed by the custodial parent, form 8332 File a petition with the court asking for a court order. Ask the clerk of the court what forms you have to file.

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