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What are my chances in court on hitting a pedestrian while uninsured?

Wayne, MI |

I was traveling down Michigan Ave @ night when I had to swerve up the median to try to avoid a drunk pedestrian in the middle of the street. No cross walk & no light where he was. I immediately stop & asked if he was ok and I could smell the beer on his breath from about 3-4 feet. I made him sit down & tried to call 911 but he refused help from cops. I said I would drive him to ER & he refused again. I went to police station & reported the accident. EMS was sent to his house which was across the street from the accident sight & he refused treatment then & turned the ambulance away. I thought I was insured at the time and the insurance company notified me weeks later that I had a lapse in coverage & they couldn't do nething to help me. 1 1/2 years later I receive a summons

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you are on the hook for everything he can probe. He has to meet a certain threshold of injury and your insurance or lack thereof is not relevant at trial. I would be happy to represent you in this matter. Please visit to get started. Tim Klisz

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