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What is the max an attorney can get from a New York State Workers compensation settlement ? Is it $5000,oo or not?

Plattsburgh, NY |

My reprasentative Mark Sullivan is not an actual attorney but has handled some comp cases. By word i was refered to him. After 3 years hardly ever speak with him , i have to go through 3 or 4 people before i get anywhere ,And thats not even talking to him, Like medical issues not being authorized. And now they want to settle, and it seems like he doesnt even know my case anymore , and not even knowing what i get bi weekly from comp. Settlement offers went from 124k , 135 k 145,600 , And now 160,000k, Is this ruiteen? Mark sullivan asked , you can answer a phone cant you? I thought that was low , when nobody is going to give me a job like that. I had a back injury witch included the arms, hands, wrists, neck, Had surgery on the back with cage, 2 rods, and 4 screws , &carpa


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It is very difficult to value your case or express an opinion as to the proper attorney fee with out understanding not just your medical condition but also vocational factors and your current work status.

I urge you to make an appointment and sit down and discuss the case and the law with your attorney. I also think it is wise to take someone with you that you trust that can help you make a decision. Often the emotion of the injury and it's long lasting affects make it difficult to understand how the law applies to your case. This is especially true as the law is complicated and not necessarily what you think it is.

You need to understand your options and mJe the choice best suited to your situation

Please remember the answer to this question is in general and without knowledge to the specific facts of your case. You should not rely on this answer when making important life decisions and seek a legal opinion based on your particular facts and circumstances.


Part of your question was if $5,000.00 was the maximum attorney fee? It is not. There is no statutory maximum fee in a workers compensation claim.


I agree with Attorney Crossett. It is not unusual for an offer to settle to increase. Whether it is appropriate for you is entirely another question. There are many problems that come along with a settlement. While there can be closure, the possible exposure may be too great for some claimants. Please discuss this with your attorney further. Good luck with your decision.

Attorney David Snyder is licensed to practice in the State of New York where he operates the Snyder Law Firm located at 6876 Buckley Rd., Liverpool, NY with a web address of and Mr. Snyder’s answers are intended to assist legal consumers in obtaining the most accurate information possible and to find the most appropriate lawyer when necessary. In no way can any of his answers be construed as legal advice without being retained and having all relevant information available to him.


You sound very frustrated at this point. You should understand that you have no obligation to accept a settlement. However, the amount of any such settlement depends upon multiple factors, and it is very difficult to answer your questions without knowing much more about your case. However, just keep in mind that if you are unhappy with your current representative that you have the right to change (although your rep will be entitled to be paid for any work he has done. The fee will have to be approved by the judge at a hearing). Good luck.

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