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Were my daughter's friends civil rights violated?

Chicago, IL |

My daughter's friends were waiting for her in our private townhouse lot, which has visitor parking, in their car with the lights out. A neighbor put a flashlight in their car and asked who they were. They said they were waiting for my daughter. The neighbor said they couldn't wait in the car and made them get out to go to our house. My daughter was visiting and I was babysitting at my house. My daughter and her friends are 25 years old. An altercation insued with my daughter and the neighbor about making them get out of their car. I can understand the neighbor questioning strangers in a dark car, but asking them to leave and not sit and wait for my daughter does not sound like it is any of her business.

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Attorney answers 2


This is not a case of civil rights violation (no police action under color of law) nor is it a matter for the courts. This misunderstanding does not give rise to any legal violation for which there is a court remedy.

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I agree with Mr. Brinkmeier. There was no state action against your daughter.