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Went to court over child support was supposed to have name on b/c and visitations as long as i pay but nothing what can i do???

Abbeville, AL |

i went to childs support court in another county from where i live, i was found to be the parent via dna, i was supposed to have my last name put on the birth certicicate, and visitations because i pay $350 a month and am never late.. The mother of my son changes her phone # every 2 weeks i can never keep up, and she will not meet me half way on anything we live 250 almost 300 miles away she wants me to drive that on the weekends knowing i have to work and also have a family down here, i cant drop everything every weekend to drive all that way jus to see him for 2 days... is there any advise you have that will truly help me.. im in a situation because of bills and the economy

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The best advice anybody can give to you is find an experienced family law attorney who can petition the court for a proper modification to require shared transportation. Clearly the mother will not cooperate on her own.

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