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Well since I can't afford an attorney im screwed.

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He agreed to pay the mortgage and he hasn't kept up that agreement. I pay everything else. But he conviently has money for an attorney. So my son and I are left out because of the divorce filing I couldn't get child support but he can let the mortgage fall behind while he spends money on another woman. Not right but I'll just ask god to continue to help me to stay strong and not be evil like my spouse has been through this situation

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I am sorry for your situation. It sounds bad.

I suggest you talk to friends and family to see if you could put together the resources to hire an attorney. If you qualify, you may also be able to find a local pro bono lawyer.

Why couldn't you get child support?


How many attorneys have you spoken to? This sounds like you have assumed you can't afford it. Get facts.

Have you discussed interim fees from him?

Have you contacted Houston Volunteer Lawyers?

Something is not right if you didn't get child support. You should ask friends and family to help with attorney fees, and you may be able to get him to pay some or all of your legal fees.

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Dorothea Elaine Laster

Dorothea Elaine Laster


The Law helps those who assert their rights. Squeaky door gets the oil. If you lay back and let the lawsuit happen to you you will continue to be displeased with the results. I know Houston has organizations that will help you represent yourself. Some are couched in terms of Fathers Rights, but they help anyone who pays their minimal membership fee. In other words, the Lord helps those who help themselves.


Don't give up! You may qualify for legal aid, you should contact your local office to be sure. There may also be an attorney on this site who would take your case pro bono. Also, it is not clear why you couldn't get child support. A divorce filing would not prevent child support. Keep looking for an attorney and contact some on this site in your area to be sure that you can't afford it. Younger attorneys often charge less. Best of luck!