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Well I need to know what to do.Back in 1n 1994 I bought some property it was a promissary note

Salt Lake City, UT |

I am now getting a letter saying I owe 16000.dollars because the other promiseary note is paid.which I cant understand.what can I do until I can get enough money to hire a lawyer to go over this with me.I think they have it backwards.I only have until june 10th to answer

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Your facts are a little unclear as to what is going on here. Please clarify why there are 2 promissory notes and explain why you think they have it backwards. What is the property involved and who is the creditor?

The answer to your question is not intended as legal advice or counsel. Because of the minimal facts involved in question and answer formats, the answer given serves as only that. No representation is created by the answer and comments given to an individual question. And you are advised to seek legal counsel in your specific area for a more detailed analysis and guidance on your particular situation.


I agree that your description is too vague to answer. However, a consultation with an attorney usually doesn't cost that much (some will take a look for free). With your short timeline, you need to get an attorney to look at this ASAP.

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