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Website posted my address, phone number and email without consent. How to sue?

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A Chinese owned website (hosted by US based web hosting company) posted my phone number, full name, address and email without my consent. I emailed the Chinese company several times, there is no response and it's been months. Can I sue? Is there a lawyer who will get paid only if we win the case ? I don't care about the money. I just want my info removed from that website.

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I can't imagine an attorney taking this on a contingency basis. Your seeking an order to remove your name from their website, not money. Its not clear if they've broken any laws or committed a tort that would even entitle you to money. Given the complexities of suing a Chinese Owned Website wth a U.S. based web hosting company, you should expect to be asked for a minimum of a $10,000 retainer if you follow the suit route. You may consider hiring a lawyer to send a letter or two to see if that works.

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I don't see any basis for suit. You have no right to stop someone from publishing this information---we have this pesky doctrine called the First Amendment. I can't imagine any lawyer would take this case on a contingency---the claims are baseless and it would probably be impossible to collect a judgment against the Chinese company.


Send a demand letter to the hosting company. to avoid litigation many times the will remove your name

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