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We want to release original Cd's in the near future , we have a registered fictitious name that we plan on using for publishing

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music . Now what I'm not understanding is joining a society , their acceptance of membership is to have your material already packaged in an audio or visual form and to have three alternate business names for your music publishing co . So being that we need a CD to join a society and you have to have either record label , a music publisher or your own publishing company to manufacture your CD first i can't comprehend the need for additional business names if we are going to name our music publishing company which will be a ll . with the fictitious name we have registered already . please enlighten me on this matter .

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I don't quite understand your question or your situation. What ort of society is this, why do you want to join, and what will it do for you? What is the exact requirement? I think you may be confusing legal terms. "Fictitious name" is different from a "trademark" or even other things. Please try to explain better.

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You most likely are referring to BMI or ASCAP - competing organizations that register / copyright / license art rights, in exchange for a percentage of royalties, of course.

An interesting, but rather one-sided analysis of the two organization can be found at :

Having a music label / publisher is important because they have the organization and capital to promote your music.

Simple answer - - you really need to make an appointment with an experienced entertainment lawyer. There are many fairly complicated issues and contracts involved. In this person's humble opinion, you need representation.

Good luck.

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