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We've signed the lease contract about 2 weeks ago and want to get out. landlord said no, how do we get out?

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we found out after we signed the lease that the crossparking in the plaza next door is no longer available. And also the by wrongful information from the contractor, we only have 10 seatings for the only bathroom we have. (no room for other bathroom) . lease commencement day is nov 1st. first month of rent (march) paid already with 6000 of deposit. last tenant left the lot on oct 31st. Landlord wants to force the whole contract even though it's not started yet. what can we do?

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There is quite a bit going on here. Have a local landlord/tenant lawyer look over your lease. LL cannot provide false information to induce you to sign the lease agreement. That may be a way to break your lease.

Good luck

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thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Michael Ryan Juarez

Michael Ryan Juarez


Your Welcome.


A lawyer would really need to review the lease and ALL exhibits first to determine what rights and remedies you have at this point against the landlord, the contractor or both.


As the other contributors have stated, the first step toward seeing what your options are is to review the lease agreement. It would be wise to contact a landlord/tenant attorney who can take a look at it, sooner rather than later, considering the lease kicked in on November 1st. Best of luck!

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