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We sought an anti-contact order against an elderly neighbor for her bizarre behavior and false reports to police and city code

Seattle, WA |

enforcement office which resulted in a signed anti-contact agreement between our 2 parties, which the neighbor violated within 10 months. The neighbor's behavior is still bizarre with some actual stalking, many more fabricated stories and more---only now she has an attorney who wrote us a letter claiming he witnessed our harassment of the bizarre neighbor, that they have video footage to prove their claims and the letter seeks monetary damages. My question is, what type of attorney do I need and can I recover damages from both the neighbor and her attorney? Thank you for any suggestions.

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A personal injury lawyer or any general practice attorney will work, and you can search Avvo for lawyers in your city and pick the one you are most comfortable with. Good luck.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer.


You say the neighbor violated the "anti-contact agreement." If you mean an anti-harassment order, issued by a Court, as a result of an agreement, it is a crime to violate an anti-harassment order, so you should have reported the violation of an order to the police.

You can recover damages in a civil suit, if the other party has intentionally caused you emotional distress, or even if they have done so negligently, if you have medical symptoms. But unless she has the resources to pay a judgment, it may do you little good.

If you do not already have an anti-harassment order from a Court, you should file such a petition, if you do, then report the violation to the police. Contact the Clerk of the District Court if you have not already filed an anti-harassment petition and obtained an order.

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