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We recently went thru a long custody trial where my (convicted) abusive ex and I were handed down a parenting plan from judge.

Thayne, WY |

There have only been 4 court ordered visits but we have given 5 additional visits (plan gives him 1st and 3rd sat. Of every month from 10-6) his extra visits have all been equal to the 8 hours given by the court. Our daughter will be 3 this month, he attacked me while preg with her, has never lived with her and had supervised visits for first 2 yrs. At every court ordered Exchange he asks for some unreasonable change to be "considered" and when I say exchanges should be happy and us not talk about these things in front of her he says we are going back to court and I am a bad parent. The last Exchange got so bad our LO started yelling "stop!" I am also 8m preg with new LO(not his) in a high risk preg. How do I get this behaviour and threats to end? It is hurtful to my entire family.

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I am sorry that you are going through this and I hope that things get better, you have alot of specific facts and personal facts which really should be discussed in the privacy of a lawyers office, please find a local attny in WY and he or she will help you, take care.

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