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We moved into a house and are on section 8. The landlord and mantience man never disclosed that there is mold in the home.

Flint, MI |

We have contacted the health department, doctors, and section 8 along with the landlord and manteince men. They have not done anything the mold. Section 8 will not allow us to move but the landlord has not gotton rid of the mold in the home. The home was condemed because of mold perviously, and there has been lawsuits behind non disloser about the mold. Is there anything we can do to get out of our contract and move, and perhaps a money settlemnt as well. As we have 4 children with ashma and there health has declined as well as mine.

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The Flint office of Legal Aid can be reached at (800) 339-9513. I'm telling you that because you need a lawyer.

Section 8, (Now the Housing Choice Voucher Program) requires that homes be free from "any condition that endangers the health and safety of the occupants, including lead-based paint."

You have described a situation that occurred in one of two ways. The first is that the landlord knew about the mold, disclosed and they did nothing about it. The other is that the landlord knew about the mold, and hid it.

What you need right now is help getting out of that place and into a new place that doesn't have mold. Then you need to consult a lawyer about sueing your landlord for endangering you and your children

Your first issue though, is removing yourself and children from that place. Contact legal aid. See if they can help you.

The information provided is based solely on the general information given and should not be construed as legal advice for your specific situation.



Ohh my god, I am just now going through the same issue, however i lieved in the house almost 10 years. first what i did was hired a independant mold inspector, have hime come out and test the air and location of the mold. The=n he will send off to lab to be tested. Get the results back and then if it comes back Toxic, like my did. You will have eveybody running and hiding from you, I am still fighting however, I am winning the case. I tape recorded my landlord and he opened hois mouth and the truth fell out. That is why we are winning the case, not only is the lanlord in trouble, but the housing dept is in trouble as well, I have reseached federal and state laws and if you have forsotten, when you and your family moved into your house, the housing /section 8 inspectors also have to do a inspection of there own and if he failed to violate the landlord and contuine paying the landlord rent , meanwhile the house is not safe to live in... My goodness, they are both in hot water... Gewt evidence first, take pitures, write down and recall who has been there to view the mold, smell the mold and go get medicaly check out. have your doctor check your blood for micro-toxins in your blood work, on each one of you. hope this helps, then hire a personal injury lawyer who will need all of evidnece he can get if you want to settle or take it to trial... reseach the mold, but you need to know the type of mold it is or you do not have much of a case in my option. the burden is on you my friend not the landlord.

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