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We have an opportunity to purchase a house of a deceased relative but deed is missing.

Fairfield, OH |

It is in the will that we can purchase house for x amount of money. paying x amount to each sibling (there are 2) however the deed is missing? what do we need to do to get it into our names and do we have to wait until it goes to probate to purchase it. There is currently no mortgage on the house

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There are really two components to your question: 1) will you have to open a probate estate; and, 2) who is the titled owner of the real estate in question. Yous cannot locate the "paper" copy or original of the deed; however, the deed is most likely already in the Butler County Recorder's records. One the actual ownership is verified, whether a probate action is necessary. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your options further.

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First you'll need to obtain a copy of the deed from the county recorder's office. Second, the will needs to be probated. I would need more information from you to give you more specific answers.

You may call our office at (937) 310-3073 for a FREE 30 minute consultation. Also, if you're worried about attorney fees, Probate attorneys are paid out of the assets of the estate and they must be approved by the probate court.

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Deeds are recorded at the county clerk's office (sometimes called the recorder of deeds). They are public information and you can go there and get a copy of the deed.

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