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WE have a "rental agreement" with a rent-to-own place. We have used a card once.They charged us without our permission.

Birmingham, AL |

WE let them use this card once. They then used the card again without permission before our payment was late.

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Rent to own stores are somewhat notorious here for violating the law. Whether it is contacting "references" illegally or what you have described, you need to be very careful in dealing with rent to own stores.

If the charge was made without your permission, then this is a serious problem.

Ask the store why they did this. Get them to tell you in writing.

Dispute the charge on your credit card bill -- you'll need the "dispute address" to do a written Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) dispute. Don't do it orally -- it is worthless.

Let me know if you have any further questions and hopefully this will get worked out for you very quickly.

John G. Watts
Birmingham, Alabama

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It's really not a Rent to Own company. It was Mazers. I called them and was kinda ugly (but they took my grocery money for my 3 year old) and got it taken care of. I think they were a little taken away by the way I stood my ground and told them I was contacting a lawyer. Thanks so much for all the answers!

John Griffin Watts

John Griffin Watts


Oh that's great -- glad they did the right thing! I would have been a little peeved myself if that had happened. Take care! John Watts


Contact your credit card company & dispute the charge. To prevent this from happening again, ask to have a new account number issued. As someone who has had a Merchant credit card account, I know that a company can lose their privileges to a credit card machine if very many allegations are made like the one you have made. At the very least, the Merchant account will increase the interest rate they charge to the rental company.

But I would suggest contacting the rent to own store first. Many people prefer to have an auto pay of their account, and the charge could have been a mistake.

Hope this perspective helps!


Do not contact the credit card company first. Contact the merchant and try to resolve the issue. If that doesn't work, then contact the credit card company. You may need to dispute everything in writing. An oral dispute is not a dispute and may have no effect to protect your rights.

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Take another look at your contract and see if there is a provision regarding the authorization of the use the credit card if payments are late, etc.

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