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We had a verbal agreement with contractor & he isn't being responsive or reliable, Can I move on? Need work done asap.

Burlington, NJ |

Company was going to do work, gave us estimate and we verbally said yes but never signed anything. Came to do work but then said they had to run test for asbestos.Had to call them several times to finally get them to complete tests. I left work early for appt & they came4 hrs late. Got samples for asbestos said it would take 2 weeks &cost $35 per test for 5 tests. Asked if had to prepay for tests they said no. After 4 weeks & my reaching out several times, I was told no asbesos & to schedule work. After 5 calls & 5 texts to contacts at company, response was we are in the middle of a merger & are busy but will call & schedule you on Friday. They never called on Friday. I reached to ask when they would call & no response. My mom is very elderly & getting sick & needs Insulation done asap

The work needs to be complete because there isn't enough insulation in house and my mom keeps getting sick. The company was made aware of this a the beginning. We started talks for this work in August and it is now December. they keep saying we are so busy because we are merging and you will be our last job with old company. Also acting like they are doing us a favor but it is now cold outside and my mom can't wait any longer because her house will be cold. Its not our issue that they are merging.

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You do not have a contract. Feel free to find another contractor.


Not a "legal" answer but a practical one.

BOY ARE YOU LUCKY that you found out that this guy is such a bad actor. Thank heavens and add a little something to the plate this Sunday for getting out without the loss of thousands of dollars to a (insert descriptor here) 'contractor."

Did you check this guy out at the Better Business Burreau? Bet you didn't, but if you had his reputation was less than stellar.

do this: Enroll with Angie's list ... not expensive. Search for contractors by reading reviews. They are usually pretty good. Make the call.

and once again ... be HAPPY that while you were 'screwed' it was not in the wallet.

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From the facts that you have presented, it does not appear that you have a legally enforceable contract. Even if you had, they do not seem to be perofrming their end of the agreement. You should find another contractor.

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