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We are renting an upper unit duplex that has a three car garage. We have the two car stall garage.

Milwaukee, WI |

Landlord now wants to give one of our stalls to the renter of the lower unit and we take the single stall of this garage. Can landlord do this to us. We have been renting this unit for five years with no problems and all of a sudden the lower unit renter wants her vehicle in the middle area garage

We do not have a lease When we started renting, the landlord said we get the 2 car portion of the garage since we would be paying the electricity for this 2 car portion. We use the garage alot. The lower unit pays for the electricity for the 1 car stall. If we have to switch like the landlord wants us to do how do we handle the electricity cost?

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What does your lease say?


It will depend on what your lease says, if you have a lease. Leases are binding contracts. Otherwise, without a contract, the landlord has a right to issue that spot to another tenant.


Without a lease, your landlord may give the space to either tenant at his or her discretion.

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