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We are having an issue with extremely loud music and noise from a local park.

Newberry, FL |

A church has been using a park in our neighborhood for various events. They use sound equipment that can be heard for blocks around, and on four separate occasions we have had to leave our home to get away from the noise, which was as loud as a rock concert. Once we were about to have supper and had to leave it uneaten, when the noise started. We had pay for more food and eat out. We have called them and asked them to at least reduce the bass sound in their equipment, and my husband actually spoke to one of them last month. They have distributed fliers saying that they are planning still another noisy event, and it will start in the morning, which will disturb my sleep. I have severe health issues and it is not always convenient for me to leave my home. Do we have any rights here?

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In addition to what the other two attorneys have stated, go to the next city council meeting and report this. It could be they need a permit for this and don't have one (which is a way to stop it), or, they could have the proper permit, but the city officials are not aware of the disturbance it causes. If they are violating a city ordinance, city code enforcement should get involved.

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Most counties and municipalities have noise abatement ordinances. If the noise is loud enough to hear in your house several blocks from the event, you should call the police and report the problem. You might also talk to the church about your concerns. If you are not able to get satisfaction in this way, you may want to hire an experienced lawyer in your area. The lawyer may be able to get the church's noisy activities enjoined as a nuisance.

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Begin with your city or county code enforcement division. You might also check with the parks department regarding the use of the park. For events that size it is likely the church is having to obtain a permit or at least some type of reservation. Discussing concerns with code enforcement or the department overseeing park use may give you an opportunity to find out what restrictions are in place and make sure the church is complying. You might also want to find out if this is a problem shared by your neighbors. There will likely be some strength in numbers if a large portion of the neighborhood is raising the same complaint to the city/county.

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