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We already put in a petition for AOS with a joint sponsor, Can my husband (USC) apply for food stamps?

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My husband lost his job a month ago and is currently on unemployment benefit. He just told me that he'd like to apply for food stamps without listing my name as a recipient. I'm on a visa status. Will it affect my AOS? I'm worried it might come up at my interview. Should my husband wait till after our interview before applying for food stamps? Will receiving unemployment benefit be a problem too? I'm so worried.

Additionally, my husband received food stamps before we got married. If he applies, I asked him not to include me in his application as a dependent. Will it affect my green card interview?

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Yes he can if there is a need. Keep in mind that eventually you will have to start working an that will jeopardize his eligibility for food stamps.

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Are you asking if your husband can defraud the food stamp program? No



No. That's not what I meant. I thought being single means less money. How is that fraud? I'd rather ask him not to apply. Thanks for your advice.

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