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WC stopped-states non partisan Dr. says its old age, no injury? My Dr. says I need surgery. I am a health care worker/hospital.

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Torn TP tendon @ work-1/9/10. Never missed a days work. Saw Occup. Dr. from Hospital, sent me to Ortho Specialist for ankle. U.S. revealed torn TP tendon-cast for 3 months, boot, AFO. Trying to be conservative w/ no surgery. 2012, walk with cane due to ankle goes out(rotates) & loose balance. WC sent me to a non partisan Dr. out of our hospital system(4/28/120 & states non work related & are do to degenerative changes (age processing). MRI ordered by WC Dr. 6/3/12. MRI-TP tendon intact-split peroneus brevis & PL tendon. Ortho Dr. says I need surgery. New US (6/18/12). states-longitudinal split of TP tendon & split tear peroneous longus tendon lat. mall, inferiorly. WC terminated pymt for med bills. WC is going w/ WC dr. opinion. Who do I see about $$ for med bills & wages when I am off.

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You need an experienced WC attorney to fight this battle for you. Minimally, you will also need to have a credible doctor who provides a causation opinion. Good luck!

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it is clearly time for you to retain a good w.c. attorney to fight this thing and get it turned around.


Your facts speak to an injury on the job over two years ago, and mentions a torn TP tendon. The June 2012 MRI reports that the TP tendon is intact, but there are other problems.
You need a full review of the history to determine the various causes of action you might have, as well as an examination of what other options you may have if your present issues are not related to the work incident and therefore not supportive or a continuing WC claim.
I would suggest that you retain counsel.

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