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Ways to serve a spouse divorce papers in pa, after 90 day waiting period.

Williamsport, PA |

My 90 day waiting period is up and it's time to go back to the courthouse to file the praecipe to transmit, waiver, and affidavit. I believe I am to send him a copy again of these papers, in Lycoming county is sheriff service the only acceptable service vs. Hand delivery or certified mail... Etc?

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For an uncontested divorce (3301c) you do not serve the Defendant with any additional documents after the initial Divorce Complaint.

It sounds like you purchased a kit divorce that included various forms. Such divorce kits are confusing. Some kits come with directions regarding personally serving the defendant, while some contain an “acceptance of service” for the defendant to sign and file.

That being said, assuming the divorce is uncontested and there are no property issues, once 90 days has elapsed from the date of service (via personal service or acceptance of service) of the divorce complaint; both parties are able to file their respective Affidavits and Waivers.

Once both parties have filed their Affidavit of Consent and Waiver of Notice, then the moving party is able to Praecipe to Transmit the Record. It may be helpful for you to have an attorney complete this process for you.

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