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Ways to get approval to transfer my probation to another state,

Clinton, IA |

(Iowa) Recently got out of prison. I am getting full custody of my son and I Cant find work in the area im in and there is alot of crime/murders that have been going on. This is not a good place for me or my son to be. My fiance moved to Arkansas where she has family due to physical and sexual abuse from her ex against her and her daughter. I have job opportunities available to me there and I want to better my life for me, my son and my new family. I asked my p.o. about moving and he said no because I didnt have family there. How can I approach him differently so maybe he will change his mind and/or see the seriousness of the situation and show that I can better my life in Arkansas?

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This is something you will have to speak to your probation officer about. If the probation officer is not willing to help you, find an attorney to do a motion to modify your sentence to address this issue with the court. The only drawback to this is that the judge may modify the sentence in an unfavorable way.


In Arizona, they call it an "Interstate Compact". You have to pay money (surprise, surprise), then you have to wait for a probation officer in your destination state to agree to take you. It isn't automatic.

I agree with the above statement. Keep in mind that laws vary from state to state.
I strongly recommend that you consult with an experienced lawyer IN YOUR COMMUNITY and have a confidential discussion about your circumstances and options for resolution.

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