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Waving my rights as a father but still be responsible for child support

Port Angeles, WA |

My wife and I have been divorced for 6 yrs and she has custody of my son, she lets him do things that I am against and I have tried to get him to live with us so he grows up with good morals but he likes it there due to the fact she lets him do whatever he wishes, how do I wave my rights as a father so Im not responsible for anything he may do stupid in the future, I will continue to pay child support and be responsible but I dont want them to take us down with the poor decisions they make in life, hes only 14 and she buys him knives, swards, brass knuckles and lets him hang out with gangs, I have tried to get him to see how this is not the way a kid should live but he doesnt care, how do I wave my rights as hif father.

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Sorry, but you cannot waive your rights as the biological father. If the mother's care is harmful to your son, you should consult with an experienced family attorney to review your options for a change in the parenting plan.

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