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Watching Public Sex acts in a public bar?

Cleveland, OH |

Can I get arrested just for watching a couple having sex in a public place (small public Bar for example)? I am not exposed myself or masturbating or touching them (although some of the other patrons often join in). I'm Just watching them from about 5 feet away with a crowd of about 10-20 other people who all gather around them to watch. It's a sex oriented swingers bar, couples often have sex on the premises in a dark corner of the room (management just ignores it).

Am I breaking the law if I'm just standing by them watching them with my pants up and not actually engaging in the act or playing with myself? Just for being in the same room or premises with them? Or watching them from about 5 feet away with others? Am I gonna get arrested for being there watching them perform?

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Attorney answers 1


Ohio's voyeurism statute can be found here.

I am under the assumption that couple that is engaged in the sex act has consented to you watching. If so, then it does appear that you have committed the crime of voyeurism. This does not mean that overzealous won't arrest you and try to charge you with a crime. You also should check to see if therebare any local ordinances that may be applicable.