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Washington State Eviction Process

Auburn, WA |

This is a foreclosure, we're previous owners.

Here's what's happened so far: Eviction Summons on February 21st. Contested it b/c we had a deal with Windermere to move out 2/28. Lawyer for Fannie Mae is trying to get a new move out date (cash for keys) for 4/8. If we can't move out by 4/8, I'm assuming the start the Eviction process over.

My question is: What is the process? Eviction Summons, then what? Eviction notice? Or is that the same thing? And for WA state, what's the eviction time period? 90 days? Less?

We can't afford a lawyer, we can't even afford to move out just any help someone can provide is HIGHLY appreciated :) THANK YOU THANK YOU

*UPDATE - The lawyer's office just called, and they want us to sign something saying we'll be out by 4/8/12. If we sign it and don't leave, they'll initiate a lock-out. What if we don't sign it?

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It sounds like you are under the protection of RCW 61.24.143, 61.24. 146, and you have been served. If you agree then don't move they may seek an order to show cause if the timelines are in proper order.
Good Luck

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