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Was wondering if you thought I might have a good case ?

Denton, TX |

I was helping a freed in tryon , north Carolina vending bbq to te public , when I managed to get hurt , resulting in two open fractures on the 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot . We went to the St. Luke's hospital emergency room where they took me in right away , ran xrays and detemed that it was in fact broken the next 2 hours they didn't do Alot they called their surgern who refussed to come in and told the nurse to tell me that he suggest I get I wait till I get back to Texas to have it fixed so the nurse , comes in and gives me 2 pain pills so he could wrap my foot up , he never cleaned it , just started wrapping it with gauze and said the doctor told me not to remove the bandges till i seen the Dr. In tx . Arriving in tx it was infected ,resulting in having the toes amputatied

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This is more of a medical malpractice case than criminal defense. I think you should re-post this under civil cases, malpractice


I agree with my fellow attorneys that this question should be posted on the personal injury area. You should definitely consult with a personal injury attorney. Good luck.