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Was stopped and ticket for DUI 2nd offense, what are my chances of getting a work permit to drive

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An important question: How long ago did your first offense for DUI occur?

If it was more than 5 years ago, you are considered a "first offender" for purposes of the statutory summary suspension. You would be eligible for a driving permit (with BAIID device) during the suspension period.

If the first offense occurred within the past 5 years, your suspension will be for a longer period AND you will not be eligible for a permit.

Also, the situations described above apply only to your statutory summary suspension period. If you are convicted of DUI (in this second offense), your drivers license will be revoked and you will need to apply for reinstatement to the Secretary of State's Office. During the revocation period, you are not eligible for a work permit.

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The previous answer might not be entirely accurate. If this is your second conviction, regardless of how far apart they are, you cannot apply for a work permit for one year.


This appears to be the same question, so the answer is the same as well:
Your question is missing too much information to give a straight answer. If you are asking whether the court can give you a "work permit," the answer is "No." Only if you qualify as a first offender, can you receive an MDDP to have a BAID (Breath Alcohol Interlock Device) installed in your vehicle. That permit will be issued by the Secretary of State if you are qualified and apply for it. However, if you are convicted of the current DUI, you will be revoked for a minimum of one year; thus, ineligible for the BAID device. For a second DUI, you need to pull out all the stops on defending against both, the Summary Suspension and the DUI charge. If you do not already have an experienced DUI lawyer...get one now! Most of us will provide a free consultation.

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