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Was my car wrongly towed according to California Vehicle Code 22568?

Santa Ana, CA |

I was towed from a parking lot in an apartment complex. I acknowledge that I was not allowed to park in the particular spot and I paid the fee of $287 to get my car back. However, I noticed that according to California Vehicle Code 22568, it states that the written authorization must include (ii) The name, signature, job title, residential or business address and working telephone number of the person, described in subparagraph (A), authorizing the removal of the vehicle. I requested a written copy of the authorization and it only lists the property that I was towed from and does not contain the rest of the information listed above. Was my car wrongfully towed and if so can I get my money back?

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Filed under: Small claims court
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Technically, the towing company appears to have violated section 22568(l)(B)(ii) so, given the amount in dispute, you probably have standing to pursue reimbursement of the $287 from the towing company in small claims court. However, your argument could be viewed by the judge as being hypertechnical since you admit that the tow was otherwise justified.

This response is general legal and business analysis and not legal advice; thus, other attorneys may analyze this issue differently, particularly if there are undisclosed facts. I am licensed to practice in CA, but I am not your attorney and this response does not create an attorney-client relationship between us. Please review Item 9 of’s terms and conditions, which is incorporated by reference as it if was reprinted here in full.

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