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Was my 72 hour hold in Washington an involuntary commitment if I was given a choice where I stayed and I never went to court?

Gig Harbor, WA |

In 1999 I was taken to the ER at St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma from work. EMS and police responded to a possible overdose. The police report says that I agreed to go voluntarily. After tests were done I was going to be released. I was very polite but stressed and not in a good mood so the Doctor felt that I needed to stay. Given that they had no space available he told me that I could choose to go to St. Francis in Federal Way or he would send me to the state hospital that, as he said, "had rats and violent people." I signed a transfer to go to St. Francis. Both of the hospitals I was at are not licensed to and don't accept involuntary patients. I was 'admitted' Sunday and 'discharged' Wednesday. No court date and no medical records that say committed. Was this a formal involuntary?

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I hope you're not seeking an answer to this question because you want to sue the hospital. The statute of limitations ran long ago.


Examine the transfer document you mention signing. Does that document indicate that your signature was voluntary? From what you posted, it sounds like you picked the better hospital.

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