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Was married after 90 days of k1 ,what to do attorney?

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My k1 expired in aug 2012 ,wasmarried after 90days of k1 , what's the best thing to do?

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Meet with an attorney in person, and be prepared to be told that you cannot adjust status, would have to depart the U.S. to seek consular processing, and have a 10-year bar that you'd need to apply for a waiver for.


Unfortunately I would have to agree with my colleague. See a lawyer fast as the more time goes by, the tougher it will get

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Due to the fact that you failed to get married during your K-1 visa's validity period you are now unable to adjust status in the US and must depart as soon as possible.

In all likelihood you have accumulated at least 6 months worth of unlawful presence already and as a consequence the 3 year bar to readmission will become applicable to you upon your departure .

Your future husband will need to file hardship waiver on your behalf, to "waive" your inadmissibility ground. Best to immediately seek the counsel and services of an immigration lawyer in your area, without any further delay.

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File for adjustment of status, and US spouse should file an I-130 with it.

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