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Was it employment discrimination, and can I get an extension on filing a complaint?

Boston, MA |

Three yrs. ago I was hired, given a start date, and signed paperwork for a position with the Trial Court of the Commonwealth. Between my signing the papers and my start date, I became severely ill -- I suffered a manic episode that resulted in a psychiatric hospitalization. When I returned to my job (the one I had before I was hired), the head of that office (who is a lawyer) told me that they had declined me the position because he felt I couldn't retain information nor follow basic instructions. I wrote a confidential letter to him outlining my mental illness; he replied, "Nothing from your . . . letter changes my conclusion." I didn't file a complaint at the time; I was scared to since he is an attorney; also was told by the disabilities coordinator that I shouldn't go forward on it.

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Unfortunately, it sounds like you are far beyond the filing deadline for discrimination claims. You have 300 days from the last incident of discrimination, and it sounds like that deadline has long past. If it hasn't, you should consult a lawyer who specializes in discrimination law.