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Was in auto accident, not at fault. No insurance. Need info on the 'sr 1'?

San Marcos, CA |

I had just bought car and had no insurance. I was rear ended and other drivers' insurance will pay for my hospital bill and car. Need advice on the sr 1 and , to know if i will lose my license? Will i be able to get a restricted license?

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You will likely be allowed to get a restricted license but you will need to show that you have obtained insurance. That's what the SR1 form is for. The agent you buy the insurance from should have the form. Now, be sure that you buy not only liability insurance (required) as well as medical coverage (this is cheap), and uninsured motorist coverage that will cover you if you get hit by someone without insurance.

What can save you money is to raise the collsion deductible to $1,000.00 instead of $500.00. This is one of the most expensive coverages. If you hit other cars or lamp posts all the time, then you had better have a lower deductible. But if you are a safe driver and willing to risk having to pay out $1000 if you do hit another car or lamp post, the money you save will more than cover some decent medical payments coverage and stil put money in your pocket.


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If you had insurance on another car (i.e. wife's) prior to purchasing your new car, some insurance companies may cover a very short period of time for the new car. You should into your insurance policy, if this applies. If not, you will probably be able to obtain a restricted license with proof of valid insurance.

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