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Was I terminated unfairly and do I have a cse against them?

Chicago, IL |

I was terminated from my previous job from a manager who states that I was not performing to the standards of the company because we have a supervisor that works closing with us explain to me not to concentrate on any of the number metrics with customers that it is all about my quality and because I am assisting with escalated calls for the team and other projects that I was ok. My supervisor continuously had me doing other projects preventing me from being in the same category as other employees that were on the phone due to the fact that I am doing other projects he stated that because of her doing that and not bringing it to his attention that it has caused the company and I to separate. Now because of my current supervisor action to help me progress in the company I was terminated

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The answer is likely no. The general rule in Illinois is that an "at-will" employee (meaning an employee that is not under contract with his employer for a specific amount of time) can be terminated at will with or without cause. The same holds true for an employee if he or she wishes to quit at any time. Therefore, an employer may terminate an employee for any reason unless (1) it violates public policy or (2) the intentions of the employer are unconstitutionally discriminatory under state or federal law.

Discriminatory discharge as a claim against a former employer requires proof that the discharge was a direct result of some sort of public policy issue. In Illinois, this means (1) the employee was fired because he or she filed a workers' compensation claim or (2) the employee was fired because he or she turned the employer in for some type of federal or state regulatory crime.

Unfortunately, your facts do not seem to indiate a good wrongful discharge case could be raised. If you have substantive questions I would recommend a second opinion by contacting the Illinois State Bar Association lawyer referral service at (217) 525-5297. Ask them for an employment attorney in Cook County. I doubt there are many, but Chicago is the most likely place to find them.

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