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Was charged with a DUI parked in a lot sleeping what advice would you give to beat this case?

Ocoee, FL |

Officer reason of contact with me was from unknown pedestrian which did not provide Identification. And no means to contact. Officer found me parked in a parking lot asleep chair back and proceeded with his questions.

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DUI's are complicated and can be very time consuming to properly litigate. No lawyer can or will be in a position to answer your question here, as there are too many issues to address and many variables that play a role in how we would recommend you approach your case. Quite frankly, I have built my practice by doing a very good job of representing people just like you so it's not something that I would simply offer you advice free on this forum. I do have a DUI e-book that I encourage you to download at your convenience from my website. Also, I would be more than happy to offer you a free consultation about your case. I usually spend about an hour reviewing your facts, the law and the DMV. Feel free to call me if you'd like to meet face to fact to discuss your options.

Posting an answer to your question does not create an attorney / client relationship such that you can or should rely on the information provided herein to take action. Instead, it is intended to simply provide you with information. I am not your lawyer and cannot provide you with legal advice unless and until I am hired to do so.


To beat the case you or your attorney are going to have to convince the assistant state attorney to drop the charge because of a legal or factual problem. If that fails, then you are facing a jury trial. I would not try to defend myself. Call around and hire an experienced, skilled and well respected criminal lawyer.

If the facts come out as you describe, then you have a good shot of being found not guilty.


My Advice to you is to hire a lawyer and let them use their legal knowledge to help you. A DUI is a serious case and not something that you want to try to deal with on your own.

For more information or to set up a free initial consultation contact the Mangrum Law Firm at 407-349-7474 or This answer does not, nor is it intended to, create an attorney-client relationship. It is offered for informational purposes only. Please consult with a licensed attorney before making any legal decisions.


You should definitely consult with an experienced DUI attorney. In Florida even being asleep in the drivers seat with the car off is sometimes enough for the State to charge DUI.


DUI cases are very fact specific and it is important to get more information from you in order to fairly evaluate your case. You can be charged with DUI if you are driving, or in actual physical control. I handle these matters, call me if you'd like a free consultation. Thanks

Free Consultations can be made by calling 407-617-1064. Please understand that the information given is not to be construed as legal advice. More information would be needed in order to make more accurate legal determinations on your matter. Furthermore, an attorney-client relationship does not begin until a retainer agreement has been signed by the attorney and client.


These are great cases to defend. You need a lawyer who is experienced in these type of cases. I have 38 years! Call @ 407-831-3434 if you want my help.

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