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Was biten while staying at a casino hotel in their beds

Louisville, KY |

I stayed at the hotel for a duration of 2 nights both nights I stayed in their bed and the next morning woke up to bug bites on my hand and chest in exposed areas. The bites were quite irritable and have now left scarring. I spoke with the hotel front desk and got a run around to hosptality, laundry, and finally to their EMT on site. When speaking with the EMT he said he should have been informed first for possiblities of allergic reactions as the bites were quite swollen, red and only getting bigger. He took care of the bites and then said I should fill out a complaint card. I did and then left the casino. I wasnt called til two days later and the manager was very quick and abrupt. I then recieved an call from their insurance claims officer and trying to figure where to go now?

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To an attorney who can maximize your recovery and protect your interests.


Do yourself a favor and hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with this. Bed bug bites are often very painful, leave scarring, and can cause lots of other related damage. Many times people have to throw out all their clothes and other cloth items that came in contact with you.

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Where you go from here is directly to the office of a local personal injury attorney

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.


It is a good thing that their insurance claims officer is reaching out to you, but they are going to lowball you on any type of offer. Make sure to take photos of all of your injuries and get any documentation that may exist. It is unacceptable that a hotel has bed bugs. Consult with a personal injury attorney here in Louisville--its usually free. Good Luck!

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Get a bed bugs lawyer. Here, I Googled it for you


Carefully document your injuries via photos. I suggested speaking with a lawyer now to get their advice on possibly memorializing the conversations you have had with the hotel employees and taking action to preserve evidence in the custody of the hotel. Time is of the essence in such cases.

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