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Was asked to move out in one month, landlord claims he wants to temporarily move in. How can I delay the surrender of apt

Fresno, CA |

Our friends from California have been living in an illegal apt for over 6mths, the place is a business lot. The landlord never got around to drafting the lease. The appt is in the middle of auto body shops, mechanics etc., the place was uninhabitable when our friends moved in. Our friends fixed up the place, they also had to purchase their own stove,refrigerator . The landlord bought a new home but bank is taking longer than expected to give him the keys to his home so he decided to kick these poor people out so he can enjoy the nicely revamped apartment our friends worked on. our friends can't find a place in such little time!! What can our friends legally do to delay the process of surrendering the apartment ?? Please help!!!!!

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They assumed the risk in making the improvements. They could overstay or holdover. The landlord would be required to follow the eviction process as outlined in California law. It should take a few weeks, but the landlord could ask for the expenses of the eviction as well.